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Find out the easiest way to accept mobile payments on a global scale

Start using mobile payments to extend your reach. By allowing your users to pay by mobile, you will get access to new audiences that were previously prevented from purchasing your goods or services. MoCoPay provides simple and quick integration of mobile payment services in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Reach new app store audiences with mobile payments

receive mobile payments for app stores

Up until now, the simplest way to facilitate payment in your app store was using credit cards. However, this excluded a significant segment of the population, including younger population, people that don’t have credit cards and those that don’t trust leaving their credit card information online.

Mobile payments allow you to extend your reach to those audiences that eluded you up until now. Users can find an item they want and finish the purchase in your app store within a minute. This will make them more willing to finish the purchase than they would if they had to finish a time consuming and complicated registration process that is usual with credit card payment.

MoCoPay makes mobile payments easier

accept m-payments for app stores

If you wanted to offer mobile payments to your users beforehand, you would have had to connect each country and operator separately. This is time and money consuming. MoCoPay now offers a simple and elegant solution: you can connect more than 60 countries worldwide through a single connection.

The integration of MoCoPay’s mobile payment SDK is quick and can be implemented by app stores of all sizes. Upon integration, you will notice an increase in finished purchases as your users will be more willing to pay for an app or game if they don’t have to engage in a complicated registration process.

Simplicity of mobile payments

Mobile payments have 5 times higher conversion rates than credit cards, in part due to the refreshing simplicity of the payment process. When the user chooses to purchase an item in your app store, a confirmation page will be shown, containing instructions for end users. They will simply have to send a keyword to a dedicated short number and then confirm the purchase with an SMS.

All details concerning keywords and short numbers for each country will be none of your concern, as MoCoPay will handle everything on that end. Furthermore, you will be able to customize the confirmation page to create a seamless purchase experience.

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