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10 mobile payment statistics you should know

posted by MocoPay on Dec 04, 2014


1. Direct carrier billing conversion rates are 5x higher than credit cards. It’s much more secure and easy for people to use direct carrier billing, than to pay with credit cards.
(Source: MobilePaymentsToday)

2.  The number of active M-Payments subscribers will increase to 1,050 million users by the end of 2015. M-Payments services are provided everywhere, including transfer of money, m-banking, parking, in-store payments and many different services.
(Source : Visiongain)

3. There are more than 5 billion active mobile phone accounts. This proves the immense potential for widespread application of mobile payments. (Source: Mobilefomo )

4. 450 million mobile payment consumers by 2017. The global adoption of mobile payments is on an upward curve, but traction is dependent on consumers’ access to technologies, varying lifestyle choices, and economic factors.
(Source: Omlis)

5. The mobile payment industry is forecasted to account for as much as $1 trillion in global transactions by 2015. Consumers, who already are accustomed to paying bills and buying goods online, are driving much of the move toward mobile payments. (Source: Heavy Reading Networks Insider)

6. Africa currently holds the top place for mobile payment usage worldwide encompassing 52 percent of all global mobile money services. Africa’s transaction value is forecast to reach $160 billion in 2016.(Source: Gartner )

7. In Europe 12.4 percent of transactions originate from mobile devices. Most of these payments are in the travel, ticketing, digital goods, or retail industries. Dominant markets include UK, Germany, and Spain (Source: Omlis)

8. 2014 is set to to be the first year that mobile payments outstrip those of desktop and laptop payments. This remarkable milestone is due to the fact that, today smartphones are more frequently used than desktop computers, or laptops. (Source: TotalPayments)

9. Fifty-five percent of people who say they use mobile wallets are millennials (ages 18 to 34). This is good because they are likely to continue to use mobile payments and introduce them to next generations.(Source: BusinessInsider)

10. Mobile in-store payments will grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 154%, to $189 billion in 2018. This is no surprise, taking in consideration that all big companies started including mobile payments in their stores. (Source: BusinessInsider)